About H+H

Build with ease

H+H can trace its roots back to 1909, when it was founded in Denmark to mine sand and gravel, and was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of aircrete, which it started in 1937. Today we develop, produce, sell and distribute aircrete products and solutions primarily for walls in residential, industrial and other non-residential buildings.

H+H has built a very strong market position and is today Europe's second-largest aircrete supplier.

Construction techniques may vary greatly from country to country, but our expertise does not, and changing long-standing building traditions takes vision and innovative thinking.

H+H offers a wide range of services and solutions to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Our Build with ease value proposition has been incorporated across our sales organisation and is a strong communicator of how we work and where we focus our efforts. Build with ease sets the overall standard for how we work as a team with our customers.