Management Structure
H+H International A/S has a two-tier management system, where the Board of Directors and the Executive Board are responsible for the management of the Company's affairs. No persons hold dual membership of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. The company is also the ultimate parent company of all other companies in the H+H Group. The management of the company is governed by the company's article of association, the Danish Companies Act, and other applicable Danish law and regulations.

H+H International A/S' Board of Directors consists of seven members with broad international and industry experience.
The members are elected at the general meeting for one year at a time.

The Executive Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, observing the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Board of Directors.
The Executive Board is responsible for presenting proposals for the company's overall objectives, strategies and action plan as well as proposals for the overall operating, investment, financing, and liquidity budgets to the Board of Directors.

Nomination Committee
Kent Arentoft (Chair)
Jens-Peter Saul
Miguel Kohlmann
Stewart Antony Baseley

Remuneration Committee
Miguel Kohlmann (Chair)
Jens-Peter Saul
Kajsa von Geijer

Audit Committee
Helen MacPhee (Chair)
Kajsa von Geijer
Volker Christmann


Corporate Governance

As a company listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, H+H International A/S is subject to Nasdaq Copenhagen's rules for issuers of shares. You can read more here.

Senior Executives
Group Management