Corporate governance reports

As a company listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, H+H International A/S is subject to Nasdaq Copenhagen's rules for issuers of shares. The rules include an obligation to comply with the Recommendations on Corporate Governance of the Committee on Corporate Governance in Denmark or explain why specific recommendations are not complied with. The reporting shall take place annually in line with the financial year of H+H International A/S, i.e. the calendar year, and the reporting shall be final and published in concurrence with the annual report for the financial year in question. The reporting may only consider facts and events that occur during the period covered by the financial year that the reporting concerns.

The reporting on corporate governance compliance is included in H+H International A/S's Statutory annual corporate governance statement, cf. Section 107b of the Danish Financial Statements Act. The statutory corporate governance statement is part of the management's review in H+H International A/S's annual report for the financial year in question.