Data Ethics

There is an increasing use in many business areas of new technologies and data science such as profiling and artificial intelligence (AI), and the use is primarily based on the processing of data – often personal data, but also other types of data. A common form of AI is machine learning (ML) where a company develops algorithms that based on input data can make classifications or predictions, uncovering insights that subsequently can drive decision making within applications or by human decision makers.

The actual or potential use of new technologies makes it relevant to establish principles for the application of new technologies and processes on company data and data provided by customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure responsible use of the data.

Data ethics in this Policy means the dilemmas that occur when balancing the advantages of using technologies and data science for processing data vs the negative impact such use of data can have on the basic rights and interests of natural persons and society as a whole.

It should be noted that H+H does not currently carry out data processing using AI such as ML as a natural part of the business. A few uses of AI exist and relate to H+H’s cyber security defences as well as H+H websites with tools like chatbot services. Potential future uses relate to production and logistics optimisation as well as marketing automation.

H+H does not purchase, sell, or broker data or otherwise profit from data transfers from or to third parties.