H+H believes that business integrity and high ethical standards play a significant role in ensuring long-term growth and sustainability of H+H. 
Our views on business integrity and ethics are set out in the H+H Code of Conduct which describes the minimum standards and ethical principles applicable to all H+H employees. The H+H Code of Conduct serves as an overall guideline for any H+H employee when faced with dilemmas, doubts or concerns. 

In support of the commitment to legal, responsible and ethical business behaviour, we have an open culture allowing employees, business partners and other stakeholders to speak freely and report believed wrongdoing or unlawful conduct. This can be done H+H manager and in situations where this is not possible, or where it feels uncomfortable to report via the normal communication channels, we have established the online web-based whistleblower system EthicsLine through which serious illegal, unethical or inappropriate misconduct relating to H+H can be reported.

EthicsLine is our web-based whistleblower system provided on a secure external website by a specialist third-party provider where you have the option to report anonymously and communicate with the whistleblower manager through a secure mailbox.

H+H have zero tolerance for retaliation against whistleblowers and witnesses and retaliation will lead to disciplinary actions or termination of employment or of contracts with H+H against anyone retaliating.